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 Born from a ministry need, our software continues to be developed in conjunction with Ministry professionals.

 Being ministry oriented, we strive to work with you to enhance your ministry.   We work in Christian Education as well and we share your heart for reaching families. We understand that our customers typically have a limited budget and we try to provide our products at reasonable prices. We want to help you be more effective in reaching and ministering to families.  If our software does not provide your ministry significant benefit, then return it within the trial period and use your money where it will better benefit your ministry. vOne more person saved is more important to us than one more copy sold.

 All of our software licenses come with a 45-day trial period.  Please return it for a refund within this period if it does not meet your needs.  (The trial period is 45 days from date of installation or 60 days from date of purchase, whichever comes first.)  Shipping fees, Evaluation CDs, training, and other services are not refundable once delivered.

 We welcome your suggestions.  We carefully evaluate all suggestions for incorporation into future versions.

 We are proud to serve your ministry.

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